Carta Restaurante Fogón de Mariana
Carta Restaurante Fogón de Mariana

Fogon de Mariana Restaurant Menu

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Starters and salads
Iberico platters
Our Skilled
We like meat
Steaks by weight
Grandma’s stew
XXL Roast Dishes
Gourmet whims
Granny’s Desserts

  Our recommendations

Starters and salads

Burrata Cheese salad with strawberries, bacon, semi-roasted cherry tomatoes and soft truffle and pistachio vinaigrette.


Conil garden tomato with avocado and tuna steak dressing. 


Seasoned potatoes with tuna dressing.


A tomato salmorejo soup with egg and chunks of ham.


Creamy scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese. 


Crunchy chicken Caesar style salad with honey and mustard sauce.


Potato salad with tuna and carrots.


Iberico platters

Iberico ham accompanied with toast and grated fresh tomato.


tablas ibericos
Iberico ham and cured cheese.


Iberico ham, cured pork loin and cured cheese.


PROMOTION: 2 large beers + iberian ham.


Our Skilled

Extra crunchy chicken breast chunks with barbeque sauce.


Authentic «huevos rotos» (broken eggs) with a bit of everything thrown in: ham, chorizo meat and green peppers. 


Fried eggs with chips, iberian ham, sliced mushrooms and creamy parmesan & truffle sauce.


Stewpot croquettes.


Fried eggs with chips and iberian ham.


We like meat

Solomillo de Ternera Especial

Our speciality

Beef sirloin with roast patatoes and sauteed vegetables.


Pork Shoulder filets covered in ham with roast patatoes and sauteed vegetables.


Pork sirloin medallions with chips and your choice of sauce.


Beef entrecote with roast patatoes and sauteed vegetables.


By weight. Minimun quantity cuts 300gr.

Special maduration steaks by weight

Beef Steak matured for more than 30 days.


Gallega beef steak madured for more than 40 days.


Black Angus Beef steak madured for more than 40 days.


Grandma’s stew

Beef cheeks with Tagliatelle with Payoyo cheese and chopped nuts.


Cod loin gratin with saffron alioli & piquillo sauce.


Beef medallions with duck mousse, Pedro Ximénez style and roast potatoes.


Selected chicken breast with spicy peanut sauce, quinoa and avocado.


Our famous bull meat recipe.


Carne al toro
Delicia de solomillo
Iberian delicacy pork sirloin with gratin goat cheese and cheese sauce. 


Beef stir fry wok with oriental style vegetables fronm a garden in Conil.


Chips portion.    €2,50
Choose from one of your homemade sauces to accompany your favourite meat: Pedro Ximenez, roquefort, barbecue, chimichurri or very spicy sauce.    €1

XXL Roast Dishes

Whole iberian pork sirloin 300 gr. With 2 fried eggs, potatoes, iberian ham, fried peppers, chorizo and morcilla.


Whole iberian pork shoulder 550 gr. With 2 fried eggs, potatoes, iberian ham, fried peppers, chorizo and morcilla.



Natural Burguer de ternera
Beef T-bone steak burger 200 gr + special garnish.
200 gr of matured, beef T-bone meat on brioche bread, with avocado, cheddar sauce, caramelised onion and pistachios.


9.30€ No special garmish.

Beef steak Burger+special garmish. 
200 gr of 100% beef steak with avocado, cheddar sauce, tomato, caramelized onion and pistachios, accompanied by a pan with extra gratin chips with cheese and ham bits.


11.75€ No special garmish.

Natural Burger 200 gr + special garnish.
200 gr of beef meat with iberian ham, fried eggs, cheddar and a selection of Green leaves and tomato, accompanied by a pan with extra gratin chips with cheese and ham bits.


10.40€ No special garmish.

“Montanera” hamburger in a crunchy rustic chapata bread + special garnish.
150 gr. Of mixed meat, bacon, cheese, egg, tomato and sautéed onion.


7.80€ No special garmish. / Also Gluten Free «Montanera» burger.

Vegetarian Natural Burger + special garnish.
Made with vegetables and a creamy yogurt and nuts sauce accompained by a bowl of fresh salad.


Gourmet whims on bread

Tender and juicy beef tenderloin sandwich, with tomato and Padrón peppers.


Brioche of beef cheeks, cooked in my grandmother’s style, with chili sauce mayonnaise, arugula and pickled onion. 

9.30€ (2 unit)

Glass bread with grilled Iberian pork, Payoyo cheese and diced Iberian ham.


+Accompanied by chips bowl.

Granny’s Desserts

nuestros postres caseros
Grandma most popular cookies and custard cake.


Chocolate brownie with Nutella and warm vanilla buttercream.


Creamy cheese cake with red berries sauce.


Bailey’s lava cake with vanilla ice cream.


Grilled and caramelized pineapple and coconut ice cream.


Three flavour ice cream glass with cookie crumble and vanilla sauce.


If you order a dessert, we invite you to a Lavazza coffee, the authentic Italian coffee.

We have gluten free bread. Bread basket per person €1.10. If you do not want this service, please make